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Basic Linear Algebra (PDF document)


1. Area of Triangles and Polygons (2D & 3D)

2.About Lines and Distance of a Point to a Line (2D & 3D)

3.Fast Winding Number Inclusion of a Point  in a Polygon (2D)

4.About Planes and Distance of a Point to a Plane (3D)

5.Intersections of Lines, Segments and Planes (2D & 3D)

6.Intersections of Rays, Segments, Planes and Triangles in 3D

7.Distance between Lines, Segments and the Closest Point of Approach (2D & 3D)

8.Bounding Containers for Polygons, Polyhedra and Point Sets (2D & 3D)

9.The Intersections for a Set of 2D Segments, and Testing Simple Polygons

10.The Convex Hull of a 2D Planar Point Set or Polygon

11.A Fast Approximate 2D Convex Hull Algorithm

12.Intersection of a Segment with a Convex 2D Polygon or 3D Polyhedron

13.Extreme Points of Convex Polygons and Distance of a Polygon to a Line (2D)

14.Tangents to and between Polygons

15.Convex Hull of a 2D Simple Polyline

16.Polyline Simplification

17.C++ Point and Vector Class  (includes DOWNLOAD)



Free Data Structures and Algorithms Ebooks Download


In computers data are stored in different ways. Data structures are the efficient way of storing data in a computer. Data structure uses different algorithms for storing data. In programming languages data structures are implemented using data types, references and operations. Different data structures are suited for different applications. Data structure is classified mainly as base data structures, linear data structures and non linear data structures. Common base data structures are character, integer, string, double, float, union, gap buffer, etc. Linear data structures are array, linked list, vlist, hash table, stack, queue, skip list, etc. Non linear data structures are graph, B tree, B+ tree, heap, parse tree, etc.In objected oriented programming languages, separate data structures classes are used for implement these structures. In modern programming languages such as Java and .net separate frame work is used for implementing data structures. i.e. Java Collection framework and Microsoft .Net Framework.In computer science algorithms are effective steps for implementing a task and will end in final state. There are lot of software engineering algorithms, they are graph algorithms, search algorithms, sorting algorithms, merging algorithms, compression algorithms, cryptographic algorithms, memory allocation and deallocation algorithms, disk scheduling algorithms and computer graphics algorithms, etc.In this posting i wish to provide you free data structures and algorithms ebooks which guides you to learn data structures through Java, C++, C#, Python, Ruby, etc. This free data structures and algorithms ebooks will teach you optimization algorithms, planning algorithms, combination algorithms, elliptic curve algorithms, sequential parallel sorting algorithms, advanced algorithms, sorting and searching algorithms, etc.Following are the free data structures and algorithms download links. Visit these links and familiarize with data structures through different languages and algorithms.

1.                    Data Structures and Algorithms Book Collection View/Download

2.                    Global Optimization Algorithms: Theory and Applications View/Download

3.                    Algorithms View/Download

4.                    Planning Algorithms View/Download

5.                    Algorithmic Mathematics View/Download

6.                    Combinatorial Algorithms View/Download

7.                    Algorithms Course materials View/Download

8.                    A Genetic Algorithm Tutorial View/Download

9.                    Average Case Analysis of Algorithms on Sequences View/Download

10.                 Algorithms of Modular Elliptic Curves View/Download

11.                 Computational Geometry: Methods and Applications View/Download

12.                 Lecture Notes on Approximation Algorithms View/Download

13.                 Approximation Algorithms View/Download

14.                 Knapsack Problems View/Download

15.                 Lecture Notes on Algorithms View/Download

16.                 Algorithms for Programmers View/Download

17.                 The Art of Computer Programming: MMIX – A RISC Computer View/Download

18.                 Sequential and Parallel Sorting Algorithms View/Download

19.                 Graph – Theoretical Algorithms View/Download

20.                 Lecture Notes on Optimization View/Download

21.                 Convex Optimization View/Download

22.                 Combinational Algorithms View/Download

23.                 Algorithms in the Real World Lecturer Notes View/Download

24.                 Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms View/Download

25.                 Problems on Algorithms View/Download

26.                 Data Structures and Algorithms View/Download

27.                 Data Structures through Java View/Download

28.                 Data Structures and Algorithms View/Download

29.                 Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms View/Download

30.                 Data Structures View/Download

31.                 Notes on Algorithms View/Download

32.                 Notes for the Course Advanced algorithms View/Download

33.                 Algorithms and Data Structures in VLSI design View/Download

34.                 Introduction to Algorithms View/Download

35.                 Algorithms View/Download

36.                 Information Retrieval View/Download

37.                 Lecture Notes on Algorithms Analysis and Computational ComplexityView/Download

38.                 Sorting and Searching Algorithms View/Download

39.                 Efficient Algorithms for Sorting and Synchronization View/Download

40.                 Algorithms and Complexity View/Download

41.                 The Algorithms Design Manual View/Download

42.                 Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures View/Download

43.                 Computer Programming Algorithms Directory View/Download

44.                 Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures View/Download

45.                 List of Algorithms View/Download

46.                 GNU libAVL (Binary search tree and balanced tree) View/Download

47.                 Collected Algorithms View/Download

48.                 The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository View/Download

49.                 Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in JavaView/Download

50.                 Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in C++View/Download

51.                 Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in C#View/Download

52.                 Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in Python View/Download

53.                 Data Structures and Algorithms with Object Oriented Design Patterns in RubyView/Download


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